The Dictator: You Now Have Herpes

Genital Herpes

Genital Herpes is Common

How common is genital herpes? Firstly, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC estimates that about 776,000 people in the United States get new genital herpes infections yearly. Secondly, it affects 11.9% of people nationwide ranging from ages 14 to 49 years old. Also, it is more common among women than among men.

Moreover, genital herpes’ symptoms differ. There are infected individuals which are asymptomatic or with very mild symptoms. To some, lesions typically appear which leave painful ulcers. It takes two to four weeks to heal.

In addition, dealing with the outbreak is very difficult. However, there are ways to prevent outbreaks. Viral Inhibitor Pro is an effective solution to assist in inhibiting the outbreaks.

“The Dictator” Talks About Genital Herpes

A political satire comedy film, The Dictator, in one of its scenes, talks about genital herpes. Therefore, it goes to show how common it is in the United States. With its high yearly infection statistics, it is good to know how to prevent the infection.

There is no cure for genital herpes but there are medicines and home remedies to prevent and shorten its outbreak. In addition, there is an uncommon solution that helps alleviate the symptoms of herpes and it is the Viral Inhibitor Pro.

What is the Viral Inhibitor Pro?

If you are suffering from genital herpes outbreaks or cold sores, then consider the Cold Sore Inhibitor or the Viral Inhibitor Pro as a possible solution to assist in inhibiting outbreaks. While herpes is currently incurable, the virus can be inhibited. The way these Inhibitors work is by sending a mild electro pulse to the sore which disrupts herpes viral activities and allows for faster, natural healing. If applied early while the sore is tingling, it prevents blisters and lesions.

The Dictator Movie Clip On Genital Herpes

Aladeen: Megan! Megan!

You now have herpes.

Megan, you were worth every penny. You were super hot.

Megan: ls my jet ready?

Aladeen: Yes, but do you want to stay the night? You know, I really want to do some cuddling.

Megan: No. Your time is up, I have to be with the Italian Prime Minister tomorrow.

Aladeen: Okay. Maroush, give the goodie bag!

Megan: Thanks.

Aladeen: I trust everything is in there, as your manager requested?

Megan: Katy Perry said she got a diamond Rolex.

Aladeen: That’s because she let me Aladeen in her face.

Megan: Okay.

The Viral Inhibitor Pro, an alternative herpes treatment for genital herpes.

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